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Manoj Multifoods Private Limited [MMPL] - Manpower Services

Warehousig and logistics is a manpower intensive service. Evenafter quite a bit of automation, a very large part of it still remains dependent on the quality of manpower.

Some of the following tasks need skilled and semi skilled labour to perform the duties effectively,

loading unloading

bullet Loading / Unloading

bullet Picking

bullet Packing / Repacking

bullet Labeling

bullet Assembling / Bundling / Kitting

The manpower services also includes the back office staff required for,

back office staff

bullet Receiving Goods And Record Keeping

bullet Maintaining Inventory

bullet Managing Despatches

bullet Invoicing

bullet Controlling Damages And Expiries

The manpower required in the field can also be part of the services offered as,

field staff

bullet Salesmen

bullet Merchandisers

bullet Promoters

bullet Retail Auditors

bullet Surveyors