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Manoj Multifoods Private Limited [MMPL] - IT Enabled Services

Information Technology (IT) plays very important role in receiving goods, inventory management, dispatch, billing and monitoring the returns. In the absence of IT, it would be a very difficult to manage warehouse and logistics.information technlogy enabled services IT helps in managing the huge database and generating meaningful reports to take important decisions in routine day to day and strategic functions.

A few of the examples of IT Tools which can be of great use in transportation, distribution and logistics are,

bullet WMS – Warehouse Management System

bullet TMS – Transport Management System

bullet ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

bullet SFA – Sales Force Management Software

bullet G-TRACS – Optimal Vehicle Scheduling Support System

The aim of every organization is to reduce the costs of transportation, distribution and logistics. But, demand fluctuations, emergencies, and returned goods are some of the many problems which may complicate the matters.

Manoj Multifoods understands the importance of IT and has vast experience in distribution and logistics and can therefore help simplify the complicated issues. Technology tools provide actionable data for supply chain improvements, cost efficiencies, on-time performance, and customer satisfaction. With every shipment, IT supports better methods and cost-effective processes to streamline the business, and manage today's super-charged supply chain with better results.

Smart use of IT enables more efficient, cost-effective movement of product through the supply chain, and provides actionable data necessary to increase productivity, reduce costs, and give the company a competitive edge.